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"folks show up from all walks of life and there’s instant brotherhood..."

Although I am a veteran, I have never experienced combat. I have, however, experienced the thrills of keeping an out of control motorcycle in control, testing both my and the machine’s limitations. Starting with my first bike at age 20 – a Yamaha FZ 700, to faster sportbikes, roadracing, dirtbikes, cruisers…if it had two wheels I wanted to wail on it and confirm the revlimiter was functioning properly. I find it equally frustrating and calming, and quite the adrenalin rush having to laser focus at the task at hand – going faster smoother and not crashing. Being involved with Countersteer has been an amazing experience. Seeing a young man who’s never ridden a motorcycle become faster than more experienced riders by the end of the first day (being taught proper habits!) was entirely gratifying. Everyone is on motorcycles with less than 10 horsepower on a hard packed dirt surface. If you’ve ever been around or ridden a horse, ten of them is plenty of power. The comradery is such a source of pride – these folks show up from all walks of life and there’s instant brotherhood - verbal humorous jabs start immediately among the branches. And watching them occasionally crash is pretty fun too.

Dave K.


Countersteer Team Member

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