“I was in a dark place….”

My name is Roy and I would be doing an injustice to not post on the Countersteer blog to try to reach out to anyone looking for a potential "out". I was, like many, in a horrible dark place with my PTSD. I felt an overwhelming sense of not belonging, a feeling of boredom, a feeling of needing something more. I looked everywhere and couldn't "fix" myself. I was giving up and slipping into the darkness, until one day someone forced me to come along to Countersteer. Little did I know how much this school would benefit me. The adrenaline need, solved, the camaraderie I was missing, solved, the missing family, solved, and then so much more. If you’re on the edge about it or don't think it will work for you, do it anyway! And that's a direct and lawful order soldier! Then you can thank me later.

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