If you are a Post 9/11 (OIF/OEF/OIR) veteran with (DD214) you are eligible.

1. Send us an email. Someone from our office will promptly contact within 24hrs.

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3. Tell your fellow brothers and sisters. This is for you.


Upcoming 2020 Countersteer™ Experiences:

February 22/23 2020, April 4/5 2020, June 13/14 2020, August 8/9 2020

October 10/11 2020, December 12/13 2020 (Dates Subject to Change)

The events will be held at the Cornerspin facility in Spencer NC. All motorcycles, protective riding gear, food & drink, and comradery are provided free of charge for these events.

For additional information, please email us:

Countersteer™ is a registered 501(c)3.

Thank you!