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“PTSD had made it really hard to focus on everyday things.”

Sitting in a class room at VIR (Virginia International Raceway), I was filling out a rider’s questionnaire before beginning my day at the Cornerspeed school. The questions help the school place each rider in the correct starter group. The answer I decided on was "I'm comfortable riding in the mountains on rain covered roads". Not because I have Repsol Honda talent, but because it helps me concentrate. PTSD had made it really hard to focus on everyday things.

I would seek out quiet places and spaces. Visor down, ear plugs in and a stretch of North Carolina mountain road. If the roads were cold wet and littered with leaves….Great. This was my kind of place to focus on the job at hand. Just me and my motorcycle talking to each other. Feeling the bike move around under me. Concentrating on getting to the next corner smoother and faster.

PTSD and motorcycles can be friends. Come join me and learn to ride or increase your current riding skills. Be safe. Sgt. Major Tim S. ’82 Honda VRF750

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