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“…the combination of adrenaline and responsibility mimic the environment of combat…”

If you ride and are reading this, you probably already understand the emotional and spiritual relationship motorcycles have for some people, especially combat veterans. If you don’t ride, I could say many things about how the combination of adrenaline and responsibility mimic the environment of combat, and how having the hypervigilance required to ride fast is actually a calming experience, but I can say it best by sharing my experiences and how I think Countersteer can help.

Returning from my first tour at 21 years old, motorcycles became my drug of choice to deal with the myriad of issues stemming from a combat deployment. Like most addicts, I abused my drug and it led to more hardship instead of the healing force it should have been. I tried anything and everything you could do on a sportbike: stunting, drifting, jumping, drag racing, and street racing… Which ultimately led me to lose my license. Since I couldn’t ride on the street, I began attending trackdays and meeting people with the same addiction. These people taught me the proper application of my skills to be safer and more responsible, but most importantly (to me), FASTER! Many of the skills I have mastered on the racetrack have application in other aspects of life: Decision-making, maintaining focus, avoiding dangerous situations and knowing how to react when things don’t go as planned.

This is where Aaron and the staff at Countersteer come in. Their passion is to improve your riding skills and provide the camaraderie to share experiences with like-minded people. Whether you already ride or want to learn (& whether you have a license or not), the Countersteer program is designed to teach you how to predict and react to situations you may face while on your motorcycle or off. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to being involved in this endeavor.

1LT Drew F. NC Army National Guard

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