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The Countersteer Veteran Experience are weekend programs for post 9/11 (OIF/OEF/OIR) veterans who want to experience the joy and freedom of motorcycling. Perhaps you've been seaching for that outlet to help you de-stress? Maybe you'd like to try motorcycling or find other Vets for riding buddies? Maybe it's having the feeling of brotherhood you're missing and you need a weekend with other like minded folks? Whether it's learn-to-ride or more advanced skills, everyone rides together, falls together and laughs together.

It's all about the Countersteer Experience!

Learn To Ride •

Motorcycle Safety Techniques •

Advanced Rider Techniques


Tell me more about the program 

Countersteer is a weekend veteran experience to introduce veterans to the joys of motorcycling. For those of us that already ride, we’ve found in post-deployment, that “throttle therapy”, “wind therapy”, “helmet therapy” is a great way to chill out and find some peace of mind in civilian life. If you've never tried motorcycling or  are new to motorcycling, we are here to help you discover and experience something that may help fill a void in your life.


So more specifically, Countersteer is not a school. While we teach riding techniques taken directly from the highly accredited school, Cornerspin, this is an experiential weekend for veterans to bond, find support,

de-stress and learn how to ride a motorcycle properly. It's not a coaching clinic or full-on school. The weekend is about offering you what you need. Sometimes guys/gals just want to sit and talk for a while. Other times, we turn laps, “riding with purpose”, so we can engrain good riding habits. It’s a loose structure that allows you to relax. Don't come in thinking you're going to have to do drills and complete a curriculum that will stress you out. That's not what this is about.


That being said, if you’re up for learning some really great stuff,  Cool! We will teach you as much as you want to learn. Many members of our all veteran staff are Cornerspin instructors, former Expert racers and some with national championships, so the knowledge is there for the taking.


Post-deployment is never easy. 

Motorcycling might be the one thing that helps you in everyday life. 

You won’t know unless you try it.



Veterans with Advanced Skills or Racing Licenses:

If you are a current trackday rider, racer or rider coach for an organization, this experience probably is not right for you. You’ve already found the joy of motorcycling. The weekend isn’t about honing skills for lap times or winning trophies. It’s about helping veterans cope with everyday life, find peace of mind and have an opportunity to hang out with fellow veterans on a weekend. 


However, if becoming involved as a Countersteer staff member and giving back to your fellow vets appeals to you, please contact us about helping out and possibly becoming a staff member.

Countersteer Vets Taking It To The Track


Speed, Adrenaline and Skill.

If your goal is to go fast on asphalt: the street is NOT the place to do it. Take it to the track. You may find that speed is what you need. If so, riding on the racetrack is where you need to be. When you’re ready, we can plug you into the right people. There are Countersteer vets that already attend trackdays and some race too. We are happy to share paddock space and guide you. We go to various race tracks, ride together and hang out together. It’s all about community. We are a tribe.

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