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Photo by: Spc.AustinBerner

At these times even the best of us can overwhelmed by the rapid tempo of events. Steering becomes impossible as we lose the traction and start to skid. But skid and steer are not the only choices we have. In the moment of transition, we can choose to countersteer. We can resolve all of the conflicting and competing forces into a pure line that will take us where we need to go with great speed and even greater style. And this act is the purest thrill that motorsports has to offer. Countersteer™ is dedicated to teaching this skill and sharing this experience with the veterans who have sacrificed so much in the defense of our country. It is our privilege to share the sensation of speed and freedom with those give us the freedom to enjoy it. 

We know that combat affects everyone. We also know that everyone who experiences combat is forever changed. From mild to severe outcomes, every soldier that deploys "leaves a piece of themselves behind." We know this, and we want to help.


The Countersteer Veteran Experience is FREE for post-9/11 veterans that want to experience the joy and freedom of motorcycling. Whether you know how to ride a motorcycle or not, it doesn't matter - we can teach you. We want everyone to experience the benefits of motorcycling while having the ability to ride and do it in a safe and responsible manner.


Our weekend experiences welcome all levels of ability. You do not have to know how to ride a motorcycle to attend. All levels of experience ride together at Countersteer. Our all veteran staff help you so you can help your brothers. We all help one another. That's why we say it's "Veterans Healing Veterans". Countersteer™ is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

"Our veterans have given so much to us to protect our freedoms. I want to give back in the best way that I know how."

Aaron Stevenson, Founder & Chair of Countersteer

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